The Colour Blue is a Very Curious Creature 

Text by Alice Walter

Starting from the body and its vulnerability, Hannah’s work creates a space from which to accept our own lack of control over our body and our surroundings. It is a contemplation of the act of sitting, reclining, positioning your body within the context of your environment, inside a kind, incubating atmosphere. And yet it takes on a responsibility of care, rather than indulgence. The act of wobbling – on the balls in the bean bags, on our flesh, that is permeable, squishy, vulnerable to sentiment and love – is the nature by which we exist. Putting the body at the centre is to create a stable base from to which to navigate this journey. Laying down this boundary gives each person the authority to reside over their own world.

The colour blue is a very curious creature, precious from its rarity in history and yet common above us; loving in its motherly healing yet staining in its indigos and melancholy. She brings it down to earth and breathes life into it, through the electricity of dyed veins and the spring of cushioning: building an energy system of care. There is a refusal to blindly accept the myth of ‘impossibility’ that rules access exclusive and energy a commodity.